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Platform for ordering PCBs directly from hundreds of Chinese suppliers with a benefit of up to 60%. Quality and lead time guaranteed. All offers include VAT, customs clearance and delivery.


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Create RFQs in just 2 minutes and they will instantly become available to many PCB suppliers.

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Receive and compare offers on price, lead time, payment terms and chat online if necessary.

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Select the best offer and we will deliver the PCBs on time, make customs clearance and guarantee quality.

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Production Capabilities

4-layer PCB
TG130 Impedance control
6-layer PCB
TG150 Immersion gold
8-layer PCB
TG150 Immersion gold
10-layer PCB
TG170 Immersion gold

Target Audience

Wholesale Buyers
For companies which order wholesale quantities of PCBs and would like to save costs.
Prototype Buyers
For companies which order PCB prototypes and at first want to test their products.

Platform Advantages

Engineering Support
With the help of our professional engineering staff, we solve any technical issues before PCBs go to production.
Customs Clearance
We make full customs clearance of all produced PCBs. All offers on platform include VAT and delivery.
Quality Assurance
Work with hundreds of PCB suppliers under 1 agreement. We guarantee quality and lead time on all orders.

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Post RFQs on PCB production in just 2 minutes, receive offers from factories and choose the best one. Place orders online in a click of a button.

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Post offers in RFQs that you are interested in and increase your company sales by receiving new PCB orders from customers all over the world.

100% Secure

Your intellectual property is safe and secure. All Ecircuit suppliers have signed an NNN "nondisclosure, no use, no circumvention" agreement that applies to you as a customer.


What to begin with?

Go to sign up page: At the moment only legal entities (companies) can sign up on Ecircuit platform. On the sing up page, select «CUSTOMER» or «SUPPLIER» subsection, enter email and creatr strong password (at least 6 symbols). After that check your email and confirm account by clicking on the registration link. If the link in not in the «INBOX» folder, please check the «SPAM» folder. Resend the link again to email if the letter is not received. If this did not help, please send message to us in online chat or email at After signing up, fill in company profile inside your account page and send the data on moderation. After successful moderation you will have full access to Ecircuit platform.

What products you manufacture?

Ecircuit can produce PCBs from your desings and from the materials you need. Ecircuit does not have a minimum order quantity, which makes our platform useful for both prototyping and mass production. Ecircuit has an extensive network of many suppliers, which means we can meet most production needs and projects. Below is a short guide to all of our PCB types that we can produce: Multilayer PCBs, HDI PCBs, Flex PCBs, Semi-flex PCBs, Rigid-flex PCBs, Aluminium PCBs, Single and double-sided PCBs, Radio frequency PCBs, Special designs PCBs.

My intellectual property is safe?

Ecircuit values ​​your privacy and security. Your data always belongs to you and Ecircuit uses it only for evaluation, production and statistics. Customer data is never shared outside Ecircuit platform. The servers and network where the data is stored are isolated by a firewall and only authorized personnel have access to it. We regularly conduct security scans to find vulnerabilities. The data is encrypted both in storage and in transit. Manufacturing partners respect Ecircuit customers and privacy through nondisclosure and service agreements. Ecircuit has a dedicated security team responsible for: 24/7 monitoring and incident response, interaction with customers and suppliers, real-time compliance checks.

PCB quality and delivery time guaranteed?

Yes. Ecircuit has a big network of audited PCB suppliers on the platform, on the other hand all placed orders go through Ecircuit bank account, therefore we guarantee 100% quality and lead time for every order.

All offers include custom clearance?

Yes. All offers that are received on the platform from Chinese suppliers include different delivery options (express, standard, economy), customs clearance and VAT. Ecircuit automatically recalculates PCB offers from suppliers which have no VAT, customs clearance and delivery included, so that you can receive final turnkey offer and place order immediately.

Is there a mobile version?

Yes. We developed a completely adapted mobile version of the platform. Full functionality is available to you, including creating RFQs.

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